Life After People


UFO Hunters

Thanks, and congratulations to you! It has been an exciting week.   You are now the voice of the two most highly rated specials in the history of the network!

Doug Cohen
Producer, Life After People

THC greatly benefits from your participation in our projects. Besides having a voice that is always appealing and highly credible, you have a great sensitivity to the material and bring a dramatic intensity that is always just as it needs to be. Thank you for making your talent available to us, and I look forward to our future collaborations.

Carl Lindahl
Vice President for Historical Programming
History Channel


Kreg Lauterbach
The Lost Book of Nostradamus

“Dad, this show is great! Thanks for narrating it.”

John Lurie, age 7
UFO Hunters

Thank you.  You were amazing.  Your performance completely elevated the campaign.

Ed Wiseman
Wynne for Congress campaign

Thank you.  What a treat for my ears to hear you. To possess such a beautiful instrument, and the craft to be able to fashion every word in a sentence - as if it was the ONLY word in the language: What a gift! Cherish it.

Richard Seth Abramson
Audio Engineer


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